Project Update

I spent the last two weeks digging through Multimer’s data and determining what, given its limitations, can be done with it. Those limitations include:

  • I’m excited to work with quad data, as I think it will give me the best possible understanding of how the subjects exist within the Matter space. However, that data is only available for sporadic amounts of time through the study period (and only the data for two of the three subjects is usable). There is not enough of it to draw large conclusions about the space.
  • The times when Multimer did collect quad data don’t always correspond with the times when Multimer was able to collect location data. There were a few cases where I was able to bring in external data about planned activities in the space to make a reasonable assumption about where the subjects were at certain times — but those activities often didn’t line up with the times for which I have quad data.
  • The data overlay I prototyped for the 360 video is kind of difficult to actually transpose onto the 360 video. If you’re not looking directly at it, the data gets curved and weird looking. This is a design challenge I’m working around.
  • I took 360 video during the day. Some of the quad data takes place after sunset. So the verisimilitude of my video won’t always be perfect.

With those limitations in mind, I revised my vision for the project to be a series of scenes of the three different office spaces, focusing on the times for which I have data for these spaces. This seems more useful than showing a timelapse of the space over 3 days, as most of that time would be empty of data. However, I’m uncertain about how useful that data will be to the Matter team, as it’s pretty anecdotal. While I won’t be able to draw any solid conclusions about the data, I do want to start with a scene that shows which quad category was strongest in which location, so that some sort of big picture is presented.


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